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GPS Data

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Vývojář: Yali Software
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This application displays what the GPS data is available with some fields simply calculated, like speed. It also displays an update counter so that you can see how often the GPS Data is updated. What you can also get is an idea how often the GPS data is pushed to the application from the start of the application and you can see from the Horizontal Accuracy field that how the accuracy improves over time. So you will get an ideal about how long since you start a GPS program that its accuracy can become acceptable. And it also gives you a good idea how well your iPhone gets GPS signal from your current location (indoor or outdoor). Actually they are not just GPS data. When GPS data are not available from satellites, they might be from cell phone tower or wifi spots nearby. So, this app can also be used on first Generation iPhone. Please notice that this application does NOT work for iPod touch
This application displays following fields in realtime:

Latitude, Longitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Altitude, Vertical Accuracy, Direction, Speed, Distance Travelled since the application started and got a GPS Fix, Current Segment which is the distance from the last turning point to current location. When you travel, you are unlikely to travel in direct direction all the time. You need some turning points in between start and end. It also sports a timestamp and an update counter so you would know if the application is updating its position data. Accuracy fields are in meters. Altitude is also in meters. Direction is in degree with North being the 0 degree going clockwise. Speed is in MPH, Miles per hour.

This application is for those who are interested in knowing how well their iPhone locating performance is in addition to the GPS genuine data.

Please visit our website at http://Yalisoft.gotdns.com:900/GPSData/ for more information.

Please send all problems and suggestions to our support email yali800@yahoo.com

Thanks for your interest in our application.